Safe Box AB-10779


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  • 57KG Fireproof Home & Business Safe Box
  • Fire Rated Safe
  • The Korean-made BOOIL Safe line offers high levels of safety and functionality for very reasonable prices.
  • The moderate size of the BST-310 safe makes it the perfect option if you’re looking to keep all of your important documents and valuable belongings safe and out of reach.
  • This 57 KG safe can easily fit jewelry boxes with high-end strength and durability standards.
  • This BOOIL Safe is fireproof thanks to its steel build and break-proof hinges.
  • OutsideH36×W49×D42.5(cm)
  • In-sideH23.6×W38×D30.6(cm)
  • Approx.wt57Kg
  • Fittings1Adjustble shelf
  • Choice of lock system: Digital, Dial Combination.
  • 1 Hour fire-resistant capacity (KS, JIS)
  • Improved performance through thick fire resistance wall