Airwrap Complete, engineered for multiple hair types, with barrels to curl & wave, and brushes to

control, smooth or add volume, Powered by digital motor V9, 110.000RPM, because of the 13 blades

spins, you can select the best airflow speed & heat for your hair type & style, Included attachments:

barrels 30 mm (2) barrels 40mm (2) firm smoothing brush (1) soft smoothing brush (1) volumizing

brush (1) pre-styling dryer (1). intelligent heat control is to prevent extreme heat& damage, the

glass bead thermistor and the microprocessor (inside the airwarp) can control the heat elements, the

Coanda air is a phenomenon that protects the hair when you select the right speed & pressure, its used

to attract, wrap&curl hair, Dimensions: H 27.2*W4.8*D4.1 cm, power 1300W

Curl, smooth and dry hair

Engineered especially for chest-length and longer hair

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